Meet Sven Michiels:

Welcome to my biography page, hopefully a place where I can tell you a bit more about myself and a place where you can find more about my background and skills …

“Every picture need to tell a story, take your time to write that story!”

This quote is for me, but also for my actual- and future clients very important. I’m not the normal photographer who wants to be part of a group with lack of creativity. Photography is so magical, that you need to be creative with it to accomplish something great that can last forever.

I’m a young photographer (born in 1983) with a complete different background than photography. In food photography, this background as a chef in a kitchen comes really helpful. Combining these passions is awesome. For concert- & festival photography is was a dream coming true … every young guy loves to shoot on the biggest concerts and festivals and get paid for it. Wildlife photography is the complete opposite, but that is what passions are about: you love them or you hate them …

Some friends or clients ask me how I became a photographer. You don’t become a photographer! You have it or you don’t and those you have it can only learn to get better by doing it. Maybe one tip for starting photographers: learn from your bad images (and why they aren’t as you expected), not from the good ones.

If you’re a (maybe) future client, you’re looking for a photographer to solve your “problem”. Explaining what I can, or can’t, do would bring us too far, but I can say that I do almost everything. So be so kind and contact me by using the contact page on my website and shortly describe your “problem”. You would be surprised how quickly I can solve it …

Before letting you go, I would also like you to know that the selection of prints I’m presenting on the website is only a tiny selection of the possibilities that are available. In many cases, I’m coming to your place to see what size and finishing would fit with your decoration.

Best regards,
Sven Michiels

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